Knives directly from the manufacturer

AAknives ( Anri Ananins kives) is an experienced blacksmith and high- quality craftsman company that designs, produces and sales knives themselves and also does wholesaling of knives for shops and dealers. AAknives assortment has various types of knives – knives for hunting, household knives, kitchen knives, fishing knives, picnic knives, mushroom knives, tourism knives, folding knives, throwing knives and even axes.

I would like to emphasize that all the knives in the online store are in the assortment on-site and available immediately, you dont have to wait until they are produced. All you have to do is order, choose the delivery method and you will get it in a few days’ time. Delivery is worldwide with courier services: DPD, Omniva, Express post, EMS. For more information, see Delivery of goods here.

All knives are handmade. Only high-quality and best steel grades are used in the production of knives – hand-forged steels – Damascus steel, Bulat steel, Diamond HV5 steel, 9HS/9XC steel, H12MF steel, D2 steel, carbon steel U10 and hand-forged stainless steels 110×18, 95×18, 65×13. AAknives are also made from the worlds most polar stainless steel Elmax and M390, which ranks among the worlds best steels in knife making.

Only the hardest and most exclusive leaf trees, such as karelian birch, bubinga, lacewood, hornbeam, wenge tree, aspen and other beautiful and hard woods are used to create the handles.

AAknives knives designs and types are developed in Latvia (Europe). Knife blades and metal components are forged and manufactured, specially for AAknives. Knife assembly, sharpening and other procedures are done in ’’AA knives’’ workshop. We provide high quality European and World standards at a very competitive price.

AAknives – Hunting knives

Hunters knives are knives that are used during hunting to prepare and process the game – for skin removal, for cutting internal organs, for boning and cutting the meat. Knives for hunters are traditionally meant for cutting and not for stubbing and usually have one sharpened edge. The blade is curved for most hunting knives, but there are also knives that have both a curved blade designed to remove the skin and a straight part to cut the game. Hunters knives are mostly rounded to avoid damagingthe skin. There are hunting skimmers that have a small hook that is meant for cutting open the abdomen without cutting muscle or some organ.

Hunting knives can be both fixed and foldable. Fixed knives are more durable and are better used in large game cases, but folding knives are more convenient to carry around and are considered to be safer.You can view all these knives in the category Hunting Knives

AAknives – Exclusive knives and collector knives

Collectors often collect different types of unique and rare knives, so Aaknives with their unique and custom made designs are a great way for collectors to add to their collection some unique knives that cant be found in other stores. You can view all these knives in the category Exclusive Knives

AAknives – Outdoor knives

Hiking knife will differ from other knives. Hiking and tourism knives must be longer, more durable, larger, so you can cut, punch, and even ax if you need to. It should definitely be made of very durable steel, such as Damascus steel or forged stainless steel. More in category Tourist knives

AAknives – Fishing knives

The fishermans knife must be longer, thicker to make it easier to pick up and cut the fish in pieces. The knifes blade should preferably be made of stainless steel, because the knife is often subjected to a wet environment.

There are different types of fishing knives. There are those with blades that are curved and flexible, they are fillet knives or fillers. These knives are usually with thin blades, and most often have a pointed tip of a knife that is used to gut the fish and remove the fillets. Other knives have an edge at the back of the blade, which is designed to clean and cut the fish. You will find all the knives for fish processing in the category: Fishing Knives

AAknives – knife as a Gift

The knife is a great and exclusive gift because it is permanent and stays forever. The user will remember and think of you every time you he picks up the knife!

Just remember – if you gift a knife ask for a coin in return, it is important! So you don’t fall out with a person. That is what an old belief says!

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